Recycling Codes

Polyethylene Terephthalate
High Density Polyethylene
Polyvinyl Chloride
Low Density Polyethylene
Other Plastics
Clarity Clear Translucent Clear Translucent Translucent Clear Plastic ID Code "7" is for other plastics
Moisture Barrier Fair to Good Good to Excellent Fair Good Good to Excellent Poor to Fair
Oxygen Barrier Good Poor Good Poor Poor Fair
Max. Temperature 120F 145F 140F 120F 165F 150F
Rigidity Moderate to High Moderate Moderate to High Low Moderate to High Moderate to High
Resistance to Impact Good to Excellent Good to Excellent Fair to Good Excellent Poor to Good Poor to Good
Resistance to Heat Poor to fair Good Poor to Fair Fair Good Fair
Resistance to Cold Good Excellent Fair Excellent Poor to Fair Poor
Resistance to Sunlight Good Fair Poor to Good Fair Fair Poor to Fair

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